How to Fix "ImportError: No module named requests" Error in Python?


The "ImportError: No module named requests" error occurs when you are trying to import the requests module in Python code, but the module is not installed or is not recognized by the Python interpreter.

To fix this error, follow these steps:

  1. Check if requests module is installed: Open a command prompt or terminal window and run the following command:

    python -m pip list

    This will display a list of all the Python packages installed on your system. Look for "requests" in the list. If it is not installed, move to step 2.

  2. Install requests module: To install the requests module, run the following command in your command prompt or terminal window:

    python -m pip install requests

  3. Verify installation: Once the installation is complete, run the following command to verify that the requests module is installed:

    python -c "import requests"

    If this command completes without any errors, it means the requests module is properly installed and you can use it in your Python code.

If you are using a virtual environment, make sure you activate it before running the above commands, otherwise the requests module may be installed to the global Python environment instead of the virtual environment.

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