How to Use Async Await Inside a forEach Loop in Javascript?


You can use async/await inside a forEach loop in JavaScript by adding the async keyword before the function declaration and using the await keyword inside the loop to wait for the asynchronous operation to complete. Here is an example:

// Example function that returns a Promise
async function delayedLog(message) {
  return new Promise(resolve => {
    setTimeout(() => {
      resolve(); // Resolve the Promise after logging
    }, 1000);

// Example forEach loop using async/await
async function doSomething() {
  const messages = ['Hello', 'World', '!'];

  // Use async/await inside the forEach loop
  await Promise.all( message => {
    await delayedLog(message);

  console.log('All messages logged!');

doSomething(); // Call the function to run the loop

In this example, the delayedLog function simulates an asynchronous operation that logs a message after a delay and returns a Promise. The doSomething function uses a forEach loop to loop over an array of messages and log each message using the delayedLog function with async/await. The Promise.all method is used to wait for all asynchronously logged messages to complete before logging "All messages logged!".

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