How to Round a Python Float to Two Decimal Points?


To round a Python float to two decimal points, you can use the built-in round() function with a second argument specifying the number of decimal points to round to. Here is an example:

num = 3.14159
rounded_num = round(num, 2)
print(rounded_num)  # Output: 3.14

In this example, num is a float with many decimal points. The round() function is called with two arguments: the first argument is the number we want to round, and the second argument 2 specifies that we want to round to two decimal points. The result is assigned to a new variable rounded_num, which is then printed to the console.

Note that round() function returns a float, even if the original number was an integer. If you want to convert the rounded result to an integer, you can use the built-in int() function:

int_num = int(rounded_num)
print(int_num)  # Output: 3

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