How to Fix “Non-JS Module Files Deprecated” Error in Javascript?


The "Non-JS Module Files Deprecated" error in Javascript occurs when a module has been imported using a non-JS file extension, such as importing a CSS or JSON file. To fix this error, you can follow these steps:

  1. Modify the import statement: If the imported file is a CSS file, you can use a CSS-in-JS solution like styled-components or use the CSS file in your HTML file instead. If the imported file is a JSON file, you can use the JSON.parse() method to convert it to a JSON object.

  2. Change the file extension: You can also rename the file that you are importing to have a .js file extension.

  3. Use a module bundler: If you are using a module bundler like Webpack or Parcel, you can configure it to handle non-JS files as modules. This way, you can import files with non-JS file extensions and still have them transpiled and bundled as part of your application.

In general, it's best practice to import only JS files as modules in your Javascript application to avoid this error and ensure consistent behavior across different environments.

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