How to Format a Date in Javascript?


There are several ways to format a date in Javascript.

Use the toLocaleDateString function:

d = new Date();

// Outputs: 3/21/2023

// Outputs: 21/03/2023

Use toLocaleDateString function with options:

d = new Date();
options = {weekday: "long", day: "numeric", month: "long"};
console.log(d.toLocaleDateString("en-US", options));
// Outputs: Tuesday, March 21

For a full list of options refer to

Convert to ISO format using toISOString:

d = new Date();
// Outputs: 2023-03-21T10:37:21.539Z

Use getDate, getMonth and getFullYear:

d = new Date();
// Outputs: 21-3-2023
// Note that the d.getMonth() indexing starts from 0 for January and ends at 11 for December

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