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Keyboard Shortcuts To Help Gmail Usage Speed Up



All of us have been using Gmail for the longest period now. However, did you know there are keyboard shortcuts specific to Gmail?

All it takes is a little adjustment in the General settings tab, and you will barely need to click your mouse after that. Many of these keyboard shortcuts in Gmail only require the touch of one button, so there is no specific need to memorize too many key combinations.

To enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

  • Click on settings in the top right corner of Gmail.
  • Under the General tab, scroll down until you see Keyboard settings.
  • Select “on” to turn on keyboard shortcuts.
  • Scroll and click Save at the bottom of the page.
  • Your keyboard shortcuts are now enabled in Gmail.

Here are a few shortcuts to get you whizzing through your Google mail!

1. C

    • Pressing this will open up a new compose window.

2. D

    • This key opens up a new compose window in a new tab.

3. J and K

    • When you’re sorting through your emails in your inbox view, or when you’re viewing a specific email, use these keys to move up and down your inbox. To expand a certain email, hit enter.

4. N and P

    • When you’re sorting through a conversation, use these keys to move up and down your conversation. To expand a certain conversation, hit enter.

5. S

    • When you’re in your inbox view, hit S to star an email To remove the star, hit S again. If you hit S again and quickly after the first time, the yellow star will turn blue and you can key through several options.

6. # (or Shift 3)

    • When you’re in your inbox view, hit # to move an email to the trash. Note, that using # requires you to press Shift first. The # symbol is located on the 3 button.

7. Shift U

    • When you’re reading an email, or have an email selected, hit Shift and then U and the message will be marked as unread.

8. G then S

    • When you hit these keys in this order, your inbox view will show all starred emails in the Starred folder.

9. G then D

    • When you hit these keys in this order, your inbox view will show all drafts emails in the Drafts folder.

We hope it helps! Let us know in the comments below if we missed out on any of the shortcuts!

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Top 3 Tech Companies That Crashed And Burned




The tech business appears to have an affinity for producing organisations that ascent inconceivably quick and after that fail spectacularly.In the late 1990s, there was a financial air pocket that saw billions of dollars in investment filled innovation organisations (mostly speck coms) in a kind of free for all to hook on to the following colossal thing. A large number of these new businesses opened up to the world and got considerably greater venture cash. More consideration was paid to buildup than to robust marketable strategies. Stocks took off to unfathomable (and swelled) statures, and everybody included anticipated that would turn into a mogul. Now and again, early financial specialists got the money for out and took some sweet coin.

The innovation behind the site was noteworthy. However, it was too moderate and awkward for a great many people’s PCs and dial-up associations. Clients likewise needed to download programming to see stock, and it was inconsistent with Macintosh PCs. Heaps of would-be purchasers had issues making buys. The site’s expenses were stunning – merely shooting the share cost $200 per thing [source: Chaffey]. The site needed to keep up adaptations in different dialects, and manage financial standards, duties and delivery for locales everywhere throughout the world. couldn’t turn a benefit sufficiently quick to stay dissolvable. Because of the website crash, the arranged IPO was put on hold, and the organisation neglected to raise enough capital using new speculations to keep the webpage going. It closes down and went bankrupt in May 2000. The innovation behind the website was bought and utilised by Venda, an organisation devoted to getting retailers on the web, while the webpage itself was acquired by Fashion mall and relaunched as a gateway to other retail destinations (it’s since vanished). burned through $185 million preceding conclusions, yet the deal to Venda and Fashionmall got under $2 million.


EToys, established in 1997, had each goal of overwhelming the online toy showcase. When it opened up to the world in May 1999, it raised $166 million [sources: Gentile, German]. The organisation spent vast sums on advertising to endeavour to contend with retailers, for example, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Amazon. It likewise marked manages America Online, Discovery Toys and Gap Inc. to build its presence. EToys figured out how to pick up around 2 million clients and began a fruitful U.K. branch. The organisation endured an advertising blow because of a large number recently conveyances for the 1999 Christmas season, however, beat Toys R Us’ online deals. It at that point laid out $150 million to manufacture new dissemination focuses in Virginia and California. Regardless of offers builds, eToys was losing a considerable number of dollars each quarter and had more regrettable than anticipated incomes amid the 2000 Christmas season. It had likewise gathered $247 million in the red [source: Goldman].


Napster was extraordinary: It wasn’t the bust that executed it, and the site re-rose, though in a modified shape. Propelled in 1999, Napster was an early distributed music sharing facilitator that filed destinations of clients who facilitated music on the Web. It enabled clients to effortlessly look for and download a wide range of music for nothing. It was uncontrollably prominent in its prime, achieving 80 million clients [source: King]. The organisation crossed paths with the music business and its real exchange association, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which attempted to sue Napster out of presence for copyright encroachment. However, the organisation battled on for a brief period in prosecution. A German media organisation called Bertelsmann paid millions to Napster for improvement of a safe music appropriation framework, which prompted Bertelsmann being involved in a portion of the counter Napster claims for keeping Napster going. (Amusing turn: A music division of Bertelsmann was additionally suing to execute Napster.)

Legitimate directives at long last made Napster close down in July 2001. The organisation attempted to remain above water as a protected and genuine document exchanging administration and had an acquired offer from Bertelsmann for $20 million, yet central governmental issues about annihilated the organisation and the arrangement never experienced [source: King]. The organisation was relaunched by Roxio as a month to month membership benefit in 2003 and was bought by Best Buy for $121 million out of 2008 [sources: Pepitone, Reisinger]. In 2011, Best Buy sold Napster to Rhapsody, another music membership benefit. Napster prime supporter Sean Parker is presently a financial specialist and board individual from Spotify, a Rhapsody contender. In spite of the way that Napster took into consideration illegal download of music, it without any help promoting the capacity to download tunes web-based, something we underestimate today. Napster, at last, helped introduce changes to the music business that drove the spilling and offer of music online through administrations like Rhapsody and Spotify, and retail destinations like the iTunes Store and Amazon.

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Top 5 Gadgets To Own Today




Consistently there are such a significant number of new contraptions discharged, that it turns out to be difficult to comprehend what merits spending our well-deserved cash on! It winds up obvious what’s hot and what’s not soon enough. A considerable measure of devices may be enjoyable to go for a couple of hours, however a little while later you’ll toss it toward the side of the room and ask why you at any point annoyed! In any case, that is not the situation with the accompanying devices we’ve chosen for this top 5 list.

Xbox One X

Calling itself “the world’s most effective support’ is positively a significant statement, yet the Xbox One X can back it up. With designs in 4K, the X runs easily and looks amazing in the meantime. Microsoft-just recreations like Forza and Halo are maybe the best motivation to get the X, but at the same time, it’s a fabulous gadget for watching DVDs or gushing Netflix.

VR Headset

Some may state that the VR headset send has just cruised, yet we don’t feel that is valid. The Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR are on the whole mind-blowing contraptions and deserving of being in your home. The tech is continuously enhancing and with it, the capacities of the headset. There are some fun diversions which fuse VR, for example, Batman Arkham, and you can watch 360-degree recordings on YouTube. The choice to observe live NBA diversions in virtual the truth is additionally conceivable.

Polaroid Pop

Because of Polaroid’s 80th commemoration, the longstanding photography organisation has discharged a cool advanced camera called the Pop. This is a camera that can take 20-megapixel pictures, as well as print 3.5″ x 4.15″ pictures. The little contraption can likewise record 1080p HD video and the best thing? It’s pocket fitting!

Smart Speaker

The Amazon Echo and Google Home, both, have been immensely mainstream keen speakers over the most recent couple of months. These are valuable home contraptions that can help you with numerous assignments, essentially by requesting that it accomplish something so anyone can hear! You can monitor your plan for the day, invite formula thoughts, get speedy random data certainties, play music, and even kill lights through voice orders. Valuable and extremely cool.


Drones have turned into a tremendous contraption sensation as of late. However, it’s nothing unexpected, considering how much fun they can be. The capacity to film far up in the sky is something that isn’t possible some other way. Some extraordinary film has been showing up from areas that are near on difficult to access for people, however for rambles? An easy bite of cake. An absolute requirement has for movement and tech fans.

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Top 3 Technology News This Week




Need a quick take on the top 3 events in the world of technology this week? Here goes a top 5 list!

Facebook Boots Yet Another Company’s Account

Facebook has booted AggregateIQ, the Canadian decision counseling firm that fabricated information apparatuses for crude race firm Cambridge Analytica, this week in light of the fact that it might have gotten a portion of the broad information on 87 million Facebook clients the last organisation got through an association with an application.

Per the National Observer, after AggregateIQ was openly connected to Cambridge Analytica through numerous news reports, Facebook has suspended its records.

“In light of recent reports that AggregateIQ may be affiliated with SCL and may, as a result, have improperly received (Facebook) user data, we have added them to the list of entities we have suspended from our platform while we investigate,” a Facebook spokesperson told the Observer. “Our internal review continues, and we will co-operate fully with any investigations by regulatory authorities.”

Uber is exiting Southeast Asia

Uber has consented to pitch its business in Southeast Asia to neighborhood match Grab.

Grab is assuming control over Uber’s ride-hailing business in eight nations and Uber Eats, which is as of now exhibit in three. In return, Uber gets a 27.5 percent stake in Grab and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will join Grab’s board.

Southeast Asia is viewed as a development advertise on account of a populace of more than 600 million individuals, a significant number of whom are coming on the web out of the blue, however it is likewise viewed as a misfortune influencing market for new ventures to like ride-sharing — especially when two organizations are secured an appropriations war.

This combination has been emphatically reputed since SoftBank, an early financial specialist in Grab, supported Uber through an interest in January.

China’s SenseTime, the world’s highest valued AI startup, raises $600M

The eventual fate of counterfeit consciousness (AI), the innovation that is viewed as conceivably affecting relatively every industry on the planet, is broadly recognized to be a war between tech firms in America and China.

In a prominent side-note to that fight, China now has the world’s most astounding esteemed AI startup after SenseTime, an organisation established in 2014, reported a $600 million Series C speculation round. A source with information of exchanges revealed to TechCrunch that the round qualities the organisation at over $4.5 billion, while it is additionally raising an augmentation to this round. That denotes a heavy increment on the organisation’s latest $1.5 billion valuation when it raised a $410 million Series B a year ago.

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